Asset Based Community Development

When we started our work, over eighteen years ago, we knew that even if people had problems it didn’t mean they were nothing but that problem.  No one should be defined by the things that have gone wrong, what they haven’t got or can’t do.  If we look at the world in that way it is cold and miserable and offers no real way to make things better.


We decided then, to work with every individual as being important, valuable and an asset.  An individual with skills, abilities and understandings, able to offer their own experience to any conversation and capable of helping others as well as themselves. 


This recognition became part of a wider ABCD movement that works to value every human being, connect them to others, to groups and to their communities for their own wellbeing and to build better and brighter communities for the future.


While recognising and valuing this approach we note again the need to incorporate it into a larger framework and our “Human Approach,” if we are to systematically tackle the profound challenges created by and existing within our society.