Our Values

We want everyone associated with us and our work, to model and value mutual respect, have regard for personal dignity and offer direct and appropriate support that acknowledges the assets we all bring to our conversations

We work with those accessing services, partners, volunteers and each other to improve lives in all the ways that are possible. We recognise the importance of personal context and the role of the community and society, and use our “Human Approach” to best facilitate and support individuals toward education, improvement, change and personal transformation

We work in well-connected teams across geographical regions to share understanding and good practice for the benefit of everyone we work with We actively engage with those accessing services to seek their views, ideas and involvement in what we do

We believe individual transformation is intrinsically linked to Community and to Society as a whole We believe that in working with individuals we must also link directly to their actual or potential micro and macro communities and beyond. Building bridge and bond connections now and for the future through positive friendships, groups and associations.

We work with all other suitable and appropriate partners as well as seeking out new and innovative organisations and individuals from whom to learn and share with. In this way we can hope to challenge the complex issues facing many of us, model collaborative working and ensure effective use of resources

We seek to maximise all our resources and activities for the benefit of the whole community as well as the individuals and groups we are in direct contact with. We work to value, honour and include the diverse experiences, cultures, ethnicity and faiths of those around us and to ensure this richness is embraced and cultivated.

We aspire to provide the highest quality of service across all services and projects We use, manage, store, protect and dispose of all data and information efficiently, effectively and in line with all legal requirements

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