We work with the universally agreed Coproduction Principles of:

Equality – approaching people as equals, recognising the assets they bring to the process

Diversity & Inclusion – recognising the value of different experiences and understanding to creating the best solutions and giving credibility to the process

Accessibility – knowing we must build different ways for people to offer and receive support; different spaces, different processes

Reciprocity -  knowing that giving as well as receiving builds confidence and purpose and contributes to wellbeing

Social Networks – actively creating multiple connections between individuals, groups and the community to engender a sense of belonging and wellbeing and a safety net for more challenging times

In Practice this means:

Our staff and volunteers are actively looking for ways to engage with all those we work with

Our “Every Contact Counts” means even waiting for an appointment can be a great opportunity to talk and to learn – whoever you may be

We promote a Coproduction Mindset – Our team see those accessing services as “Human Beings” with all kinds of strengths.  Things may be difficult right now but they can improve and active involvement in your own solutions can be a great way to make those solutions “stick”.

When we talk, we use language that honours and values every individual for who they are, the life challenges they have experienced and the contribution they are able to make.  We speak about “reviews” not “assessments”, “conversations” not “appointments”.  We know that “together” is better


Those connected to and using services are actively involved in designing, running and developing those very services.  Trained Peers actively help new people access and settle in to new activities, trained volunteers run groups and teach all kinds of new skills, members volunteer and support other groups in the community and all are actively talking about how things could be better!

“From day one I felt different, I didn’t know what Coproduction meant, but I knew I felt that I mattered. Three months in I have been able, with fantastic support, to design my own answers to the problems I face in my life, and it is life changing. Talking together rather than being talked at. I’ve also taken part in lots of groups and conversations where I felt really able to speak and to share my thoughts and my ideas. It’s been amazing.”

Recovery College Peer Support Worker


If you would like to learn more about how Coproduction thrives within our communities or might like to volunteer within our services, or have any other thoughts to offer, then please contact us It would be great to hear from you.


Although we deeply value the principles on which coproduction are built we know that to genuinely address the multi faceted nature of the challenges being experienced by individuals and communities, coproduction is just one part of the picture and process. In developing our “Human Approach” we are seeking to unite coproduction with a number of other important elements and explanations to create an holistic framework, capable to both challenging and developing pragmatic resolutions.