Training & Education

We believe life is about learning, education is for everyone and practising what we need to get better at, can improve everyone’s situation.  We are all learners and we are all teachers, if only we embrace a full understanding of what that means.  Though we promote practice based learning across our entire organisation at all times, we also deliver a range of formal programmes, meeting the challenges and opportunities experienced by us all.  These include…

Peer Programme

Because we know that people who have lived through difficult time and experienced distress themselves are often fantastic at helping others, we got together with and developed an informal and formal training programme to make the most of that fact.  To ensure everyone was safe and supported and that everything we do is to the highest standard.

We start from day one, letting everyone know about how we expect each other to behave.  Respect and compassion are the basis of our work and we share our belief that in helping others we also help ourselves – it could be a cup of tea or a friendly smile but we think that these tiny acts of kindness make all the difference.

Stage 1 – Peer Support

Once everyone is working to support each other there is an opportunity to do a short series of workshops called Peer Support that encourages everyone to think about the difficulties we all face and how we can start to tackle them and to improve our wellbeing by working together.


Stage 2 & 3 – Volunteering & Facilitating

Beyond our Peer Support Programme there is an Open College Network accredited twelve week course that takes people further in to the ideas and practices of understanding and supporting people to make progress in their lives and beyond that a new programme supporting individuals to become facilitators and ambassadors for the organisation.


There is no push and no pressure, but if you want progression and maybe a help toward employment, this can be a great route!

The Build Programme

The Build Programme is a short series of workshops helping us think about our lives, how we are connecting with other people and what changes we might like to make.  Free to talk as little or as much as you like the sessions are a gentle way to start talking about your life and making some practical plans for the future.


The sessions include Building Life Skills, Building Relationships and Building Employability


There are lots more workshops and sessions available, please check out the xxxx timetables xxxx to find out more about what is going on at the moment, but remember, if there is something you would love to do but isn’t happening at the moment…. Then why not talk to us about making it happen?  We’d love to hear from you